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Poets at Work

2014-04-13 15.41.58


Myself, Jane Hoogestraat, and Karen Craigo comparing poems and giving good advice in preparation for a Poets of Faith special issue for Rattle. I show this, not because I love having my photograph taken (most definitely not!), but to show the scut work of poetry and how even poets with many, many published poems like Craigo or with a book coming out soon  like Hoogestraat still do the daily work of poetry, which means lots of revision and finding ways post-grad to gain the perspective that trading poems and talking about them can give.

No more comments for a while

I have been getting enough spam comments to be troublesome, a few hundred a day with no not-spam comments. Oddly, I do get real comments for posts and photos on Facebook, so I am going to rely on those for a while and the people with odd retail names who express their rapture with this site in crippled English will have to find some other site to comment on.

Late for the eclipse

For once, insomnia failed me and I did not stay up or wake up for the lunar eclipse at 2:45 AM or so Central Time. I did take photos anyway with the Sony Cybershot and caught night clouds on the move instead. The first shot shows a cloud reflection rather than the moon. the last shot, taken from the back yard, does show the moon, but it has to compete with some fairly heavy-duty security lights. Still, the ice-clouds in the middle two shots were unexpected and beautiful in their own way.

2014-04-15 03.55.15

2014-04-15 03.55.25

2014-04-15 03.55.33

2014-04-15 03.56.54

Feeling lucky

2014-04-13 07.07.23

I have enough of a poem backlog now that I really have to send out poetry packets again. My plan was to wait until POETRY Magazine answered back on the group of poems I sent them and then use each of those poems to seed a new packet, but they haven’t responded yet, and it’s been ten weeks. Usually, they have no trouble saying no in about two weeks, so either they are slow or one of the poems is making the rounds with readers. In any case, it’s been long enough. I sent out a packet today for a special issue and will see if I can put together some more. The clover above is from my backyard, at least until the grass takes over.



2014-04-09 redbudskySame day and time (early morning), but different angles. the second photo also uses the grain filter so that the blossoms show up pink, like they do in person. Without it, the photo is all shape and little color, which I suppose is all right too.