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Project 365

Project 365 results

I promised myself that when Project 365 became a burden rather than a joy, I would stop and so I have, although without much planning. I simply stopped. It may be that having the project and my sabbatical was a good fit and the stresses […]

Late Fall

How much longer will this summer last? It’s October, and the green lingers.

On campus, 6:45 AM

On campus much too early for the United Way Leadership Breakfast, I see that a KY3 news van is also on the job early.

Seasonal 2

The beginnings of a steampunk Halloween costume.

Seasonal 1

Something about the season makes an eyeball wreath suddenly appropriate.

Glass errors: hand in shot

Some errors are typical of Google Glass photos, the most prevalent being the hand or hair inadvertently creeping into the shot.

Oh hai

That’s what cat’s say when you come home unexpectedly. They also pretend that they were just getting up and you interrupted them.

Chair spin

Ten-second view of my office using Glass.