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After the conference

As it turned out, The Computers and Writing conference really did what they could to allow me to get around with my very limited mobility. The kind people at St. John Fisher College found a golf cart and ferried me from building to building, so […]

Conference Fear

I really should be excited about going to Computers and Writing, and a part of me still is. It is the absolute best conference for people like me who are obsessed with rhetoric, composition studies, and all things digital. However, this time I am feeling […]

About DMAC

As usual, I hate how I look in photos and video, but this is a good interview video, taken at the Digital Media and Composition Institute. I wholeheartedly recommend their summer institute for any writing teacher who seeks more innovative teaching in 21st century literacies.

Post-Glass post

Post-Glass post

[Photo taken while walking in the Missouri State campus wearing Glass] Sometimes I get a great idea and don’t have time to write about it at that moment. This is one of those times. It’s probably no secret that I was part of the Google […]

An Explorer no more

The Explorer program for Google Glass officially ended January 19th, an unexpected end, but not really. I did not expect it on that day, but I expected it. Glass as-is is not panning out to be the consumer device Google hoped for, but I can’t […]

Housekeeping post

  <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>I’m using Bloglovin for my Teaching Writing Online class and thought I’d claim my blog in order to see blog stats for it. I expect to be depressed, because there is porbably no more insular blogger than me. I […]

Google Glass and Project 365

Here is the secret to the photography habit: wear Google Glass every day. On the days I did not wear Glass–usually because the frames are not very flattering and my regular frames really are flattering–I lived through a series of moments, never predictable, when I […]

Arriving today

Look what came in today’s mail! Here is my contributor’s copy of Weave Magazine issue 11. Two poems!