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Computer-Mediated Pedagogy: Then and Now

Computer-Mediated Pedagogy: Then and Now

My student blog posts for ENG 704: Teaching Writing Online are rolling in and it warms that cockles of my bloggy heart. I think back to when I was a grad student taking Computer-Mediated Pedagogy from Dr. Kristine Blair in the early 2000s, then at […]

Meme example 3 for Writing II

This is one of several meme images  out there purporting to be screenshots of texts, Facebook profiles, or Twitter pages that are carefully constructed to present the person in a non-neutral, heavily female-identified way. This is not women as women see themselves necessarily, but it very […]

Meme example 2 for Writing II

Posted by Ben Richards on Friday, December 18, 2015 Once again, this sample is from Facebook, but this time with an identified user, Ben Richards. The strength here is the strong optimism of the text contrasted by the dismal conclusion, supported by the iconic figure of […]

5ives for Rhetsy

I subscribe to the email list Rhetsy from Collin G. Brooke and find it always gives value. Brooke recently called for lists of fives for an upcoming Rhetsy, so here is my attempt. Five Things that Will Make a Difference (for the better!) in Your […]

World Cup

Even though France is no longer in the running, the Netherlands is, so I foresee more good soccer today. The photo was taken with Glass. I use auto-backup, and Google occasionally takes a photo and selects an effect for it through a feature it calls Auto […]

Stupid human

Sophie says, “You had all day to take photos and now it’s 9:53 PM and you’re resorting to “Look at the cat!”. For shame, Human. For shame.