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What a Teaching Writing Online course can do

What a Teaching Writing Online course can do

Any way I look at it, teaching writing online is more work for faculty than teaching in the face-to-face classroom. It is also more work for students, but this post will be looking at it from the faculty side and counting the costs, most of […]

ENG 704: Choosing a Blog Platform

ENG 704: Choosing a Blog Platform

An earlier version of this post was done for an ENG 725 on “Teaching Writing Online.” I will be updating those posts to include what’s new since then and to better fit the new course. In my ENG 704: Teaching Writing Online class this spring, […]

After the conference

As it turned out, The Computers and Writing conference really did what they could to allow me to get around with my very limited mobility. The kind people at St. John Fisher College found a golf cart and ferried me from building to building, so I got to the panels and the events, but the cart had room for more, and I wonder who was there that needed it but did not speak up? Why is this not a planned feature?  What will happen at the next conference? I find that I am not a fan of being an arthritis pioneer. The Findlay campus, the next Computers and Writing site, is pretty, with nice green space, which translates into at least one good slog to get from panel to panel. I did not send in a proposal.

Even though the conference-runners were gracious and found the cart, I felt awful about being the one who puts everyone else out. This was not planned, and people had other things to do, I’m sure, than to ferry a single gimp about. It was the equivalent of having a personal chauffeur, and I don’t think that is the way it should be. Still, I cant help but think that if this was a planned feature, there would be others who used it, maybe people who decided not to attend because getting around is so hard.

So, here is where I stand: I will not be attending any conferences until I either have surgery or they find a gel that my body doesn’t react badly to. Some days are fine, but others, like today are painful for walking from room to room in my own house. Translated to the typical college campus, having benches to “rest” on while walking between buildings is no help. It isn’t that I tire, it’s that I only have so many steps in me each day and when they’re gone, they’re gone. If I push and go over–and I have the energy to do so–I will pay for it the next day with severe pain and swelling, which is what is going on today. I had to go on campus yesterday, and the walk from parking and back on top pf what I had already done that day was too much. My Apple Watch noted (happily!) that I more than doubled my goal for the day from 160 calories burned to 360. I wondered then if I would be paying for that today, and yes, I am. Just think of what three to four days of that would do, even with a cart to remove the long stretches. I still had more than my limit within buildings, so I had to take a couple of week to get back to “normal.”

No conferences for me for a while. I know people are more than willing to help, but until that willingness translates into built-in help at the planning stage, being the exception isn’t working for me. I suspect there are others who need help too, but are silent.

Conference Fear

I really should be excited about going to Computers and Writing, and a part of me still is. It is the absolute best conference for people like me who are obsessed with rhetoric, composition studies, and all things digital. However, this time I am feeling […]

About expectations and required composition classes

About expectations and required composition classes

Writing I and Writing II are required as part of the gen-eds, a fairly normal thing for all universities. This universal requirement means that students who fear writing or who simply do not value writing as a part of their future must take it anyway. […]

About DMAC

As usual, I hate how I look in photos and video, but this is a good interview video, taken at the Digital Media and Composition Institute. I wholeheartedly recommend their summer institute for any writing teacher who seeks more innovative teaching in 21st century literacies.

More LMS review

After the great Moodle breakdown last semester, I had to scramble to find something to replace it that did not require me to do the upkeep. The one-click options that remained with my host were not going to work. Canvas has changed its terms. I’m […]

Meme sample 4 for Writing II

Posted by Purple Clover on Saturday, December 26, 2015 This is a popular meme, one that I was ready to share with others on Facebook or Twitter, which is a primary measure of whether a meme works or not. This one works. For those creating their […]