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Oh hai

That’s what cat’s say when you come home unexpectedly. They also pretend that they were just getting up and you interrupted them.

Cat camouflage

it’s soft, it’s brown, it acts as camouflage. it’s the perfect couch.


TV, iPad, soccer, cats–it must be Caturday!



Fall, in the form of Pierre, waiting at the door.

Other people’s cats

I am now expanding to photos of other people’s cats. These two are Burmese and the friendliest cats ever.

2014-08-15 06.17.00

Here is the other, seen ignoring food in order to be petted. it also shows scale; this is a full grown cat that will always be the size of a kitten.

2014-08-15 07.12.34

Same spot, former chair

Shades of living room past. Is it the spot, or is it the chair? My friend Jane has the chair now, and I wonder if her cats like it too.

Find the cat in this photo

Chances are that you will have to click and enlarge the photo to find the cat.