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How close is too close

Checking the limits for Google Glass’s camera–this may be the limit for a closeup.


Next year the blooms will be bigger.

Landscaping refresh

The trimmed shrubs and the new hydrangea bush look good, but one of the landscapers thought the rock sculpture was real and stepped on it. Oops. Ceramic.

2014-06-19 07.52.24 2014-06-19 07.52.15

Giant green things

Or, it could be a book called attack of the giant hostas. With this level of rainfall, I could start putting our tiny fairy houses next to the hostas so they look like dinosaur trees.

Rock garden

The rock is not a rock; it is a ceramic sculptural piece done by my daughter that is slowly transforming with the seasons. I take a photo of it a couple of times year to see how it changes. The last round of hail gave […]

Feels like summer

… and my strength is finally coming back from a long bout of bronchitis and travel fatigue. I’m tired now, of course, but I got normal chores done, and that is something, considering.

I also went to Petsmart on a Saturday, which is a treacherous thing for someone with three cats, all rescues. Count of cats I didn’t bring home: two white cats and one black. Dogs: one Cairn Terrier, which did get adopted, and is now the proud owner of a girl of his own. In short, this is the start of summer, a season of opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, here is a photo of Pierre the way most people see him–in the distance.

2014-06-07 22.40.40


Carved bone/ivory detail on a lacquer cabinet.

Stupid human

Sophie says, “You had all day to take photos and now it’s 9:53 PM and you’re resorting to “Look at the cat!”. For shame, Human. For shame.