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Late summer blooms

One thing Project 365 does is ensure that at least one of the internal snapshots I take that may turn into poetry or other writing turns into an actual photo, ready to be used. To give scale, these plants are about seven feet tall, tall […]

Some things remain

The garden over the next fence always looks better.

Beauty in corners

The beautiful and the mundane,

2014-07-25 20.35.08

Things that grow here

One of the pleasant things about being a bit south is the plants that grow here, right in the ground. This hibiscus comes back every year.

Moss roses

I don’t think moss roses are perennials, but this is the fourth year they have come back without any coddling on my part. Maybe I should plant more?


In order to keep up with Project 365 this summer, I have to time my photos between rain showers.



Next year the blooms will be bigger.

Mother’s Day in advance

Thanks to Ted and Marcela for the Mother’s day flowers.