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Current reading

Just barely out is Shannon R. Wooden and Ken Gillam’s Pixar’s Boy Stories: Masculinity in a Postmodern Age. This is an important addition to any gender studies bookshelf.

Freedom to play

If you get the chance, watch a child deep in play. They are rapt; outside noises dim. It is a concentrated state. Some will create verbal dialogues for characters seen or unseen. A child who knows how to play will not be bored. Given a […]

Not pink–coral

Who know that having Glass would turn into regular walking/exercise. Not me. At least, I won’t know until the 21 day habit marker is reached.




Here are my new walking shoes. They are Asics, and they have gel in the soles. They came in mint, coral, and lavender. This is not pink; it is the new orange. This is not a whim; my old shoes had hired insides and Glass is using Lynxfit to pressure me into getting more active.

Behind the scenes on Dance Moms

Springfieldian and former Springfield blogger Nathan Maulorico is doing camera work for Dance Moms. In an Instagram (via Twitter), he shared a scene that looks like Kelly’s meltdown. He is the cameraman in the background. You can follow Nathan on Twitter as @UnknownFilms.

Steampunk in the movies

I am hunkering down and dividing my time between writing and reading for a steampunk article I’m working on. My big question today is, what are the most beloved steampunk movies or television shows and why are they so beloved? I have some ideas and […]

Hawkings’ Greatest Mystery

Yahoo news ran a Reuters newswire story today that was all in the headline, and I’ll admit, it worked on me. Apparently, of all the mysteries of the universe, a subject that Stephen Hawkings thinks of quite a bit to good effect, women are still a mystery to Stephen Hawkings. The quote that generated the brief article is “Women. They are a complete mystery.” As one of those mysterious critters, may I make a small suggestion? As long as Hawkings thinks of women as “they” instead of “us,” he will continue to be mystified.