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Saying goodbye to the memory of what used to be

I’m a Kansan who grew up in Wichita when my dad wasn’t assigned by Boeing to be tech support for a variety of planes elsewhere–mainly the B-52 in Air Force towns followed after a stint of retraining in Renton, Washington in 1965-6 by the 747 and […]

Digital poem idea

Over the summer I scanned quite a few photographs from my mother’s fairly extensive photo albums. I’m beginning to think that expanding the stockpile even more in preparation for a digital poem project this summer is a good idea. If I can do it at […]

Lady Bears vs SIU

2014-02-02 14.50.52Another win for the Lady Bears. Here’s a couple of quick clips. Video for something this fast moving can get interesting, but it’s worth trying. The free throw is being shot by Katie Palmer, a freshman recruit from Heights High in Wichita. Thanks, Wichita.


Left, a fired but unglazed box that does not look like a box; center, part of a doll tea set; and right, a darner. The doll tea set was partially destroyed in a fire at the family farm. So, the tea cups are not the […]

It may be Kansas, but

…that doesn’t mean they’re crazy. The outrageous social media policy the Board of Regents enacted right before winter break could not stand.  The Chronicle of Higher Ed’s News Wire notes today that the Regents will be meeting to reconsider. Good. As someone born in Kansas […]

Change isn’t always good

imageThis is my old house in El Dorado, Kansas and the photo was taken this fall when I delivered my mother’s ashes to Old Mission in Wichita. On the way back, I took a detour through El Dorado, where I lived with my kids right after the divorce until the were jr high and high school age and we left as a family for me to get my MFA from Bowling Green State University.  The house is no longer owned by who I sold it to–she kept on having a happy life and remarried. The house is also no longer khaki with cream trim and  maroon detailing. The move to peeling 15086_10101245808696351_831864514_nwhite paint and country-goose blue trim was too fast to me and a bit disturbing.  The figurines at the yard sale were scary–such bad taste and so many of them.

The house may be torn down by now since the yard sale was to prepare for moving. Susan B. Anthony Hospital is expanding again and bought the block. One more thing about the photo: if more than one cross is needed on the front of your house, either you’re fighting vampires or it’s more decorative than an actual religious symbol–both alternatives, not good.