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Failed night photography

I suppose this is not a complete failure, but it is not what my inner or outer eye sees, which is pretty much my goal when I carry a camera. However, this photo does capture the silent, UFO-sky feel to this particular suburban night.

Some things remain

The garden over the next fence always looks better.

The view from here

No moon

2014-07-12 09.14.33

Supermoon, day 2

There was too much cloud cover tonight to see the moon, and frankly, there are so many trees that the sky has a lot of competition. Here is the last tinge of day, photo taken pre-clouds.


This month’s full moon is what is now called a super moon, one that is slightly closer to the Earth and thus larger in appearance. Perhaps. I had to wander about in order to find it at all due to the heavy tree cover in […]