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Saying goodbye to the memory of what used to be

I’m a Kansan who grew up in Wichita when my dad wasn’t assigned by Boeing to be tech support for a variety of planes elsewhere–mainly the B-52 in Air Force towns followed after a stint of retraining in Renton, Washington in 1965-6 by the 747 and […]

Close up ridges

How does a person grow into being a writer? A lot of unstructured time may be part of it, and that means allowing for enough time for boredom. I remember being quite happy as a child really examining details in nature. Rough bark much like […]

Remembering Moms Lunch

My mom died last year on June 21, and in her memory, I met with two other friends of mine who also lost their moms for a memory lunch at Bambinos, one of my mom’s top two picks for lunching (her top pick was Thai Peppers). Left to right: Lanette Cadle, Barbara Gressel, and Jane Hoogestraat.

2014-06-21 00.18.06

Forced boredom

A big part of family and friends entertainment in the 1960s was the slide show. The plan was to lure people over for a good meal, and afterwards when they were sated and flopped on the couch and chairs like twitching fish on the shore, […]

Freedom to play

If you get the chance, watch a child deep in play. They are rapt; outside noises dim. It is a concentrated state. Some will create verbal dialogues for characters seen or unseen. A child who knows how to play will not be bored. Given a […]

Ordinary places

No one films here, but with Glass it is a moment’s work. 10 seconds of video and years of my childhood spent in rooms like this. The verdict: Bronchitis. I had a serious case three years ago, but this time it looks like I may shake it off in a couple of weeks.

Digital poem idea

Over the summer I scanned quite a few photographs from my mother’s fairly extensive photo albums. I’m beginning to think that expanding the stockpile even more in preparation for a digital poem project this summer is a good idea. If I can do it at […]

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to all my friends and my family, scattered as you are. I’ll be thinking of you today and hoping that you all have a happy Christmas. Some of you may not know why this year I did not put up the big white […]