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Low-light video

I would not have tried this purposely, but it looks like Glass handles low-light fairly well. At the multiple birthdays party:

Birthday week

It’s birthday week, with birthdays for myself, my colleague Mike Czyzniejewski (beloved husband of fellow poet Karen Craigo), and their eldest son, I promised to join in the revelry tonight. Here is a photo of both of Mike’s books. His third book, I Will Love You for the […]

Semester prep

This was a perfect day to hang clothes on the line–clear, hot, with a slight breeze.


Hair diary

I don’t really like having my picture taken, but I do take a photo using Photo Booth each time I get a haircut.

At the Craft and Flower Sale

There weren’t as many booths this spring as before, but there were still some crafts I would be happy to let someone else do for me.

Spring: on and off campus


Pantone check

  Target has begun its annual pastel riot. Check the tie dye and blue suede cake mixes. Spring is definitely here.

Sophie again

Sophie has some unlikely hangouts, unlikely that is, if you don’t have the full story. She hangs out here because the skylight lets her watch birds in flight. My world got a little smaller Sunday at 11:30 AM when I fully realized that at that […]