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Not pink–coral

Who know that having Glass would turn into regular walking/exercise. Not me. At least, I won’t know until the 21 day habit marker is reached.   Here are my new walking shoes. They are Asics, and they have gel in the soles. They came in […]

Glass and fitness

The unwritten part of my sabbatical is that I want very much to gain habits that lead to a more balanced life, which for me would mean a life outside of work. Surprisingly, Glass has the potential to help with that. Here is a photo […]


2014-03-09 10.55.41

2014-03-09 11.52.14

Yes, I sing in choir, one of three or sometimes four second sopranos, either filling in the harmony or pretending to be first sopranos. I found out today that when asked how Glass works, to say it’s kind of like an iPad, only hands-free. I then ask, “Can I take your picture?” and ask afterwards, “Could you tell I was doing that? They can, of course, and I can see the tension release. “It’s not at all like it says in the paper and on the news!” one very astute woman said, meaning, not scary, just cool.  This seems to be the best way to actually take away the cyborg/surveillance fear. She and others will spread the word and I will be able to use this more effectively for Project 365.