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Using a storyboard for analysis

As part of the “Concept in 90” project goals I set for myself, I wanted to do a sample storyboard. Rather than a planning device that acts like an outline, this storyboard would be at the end or near the end so that students could […]


Not much else happened today, but I did write. it’s day 23 of the PAD Challenge and I have more than 23 poems, most of which are done or revisable into usefulness. Today’s poem in particular was one I’d needed to write for several years, since […]

Poets at Work

2014-04-13 15.41.58

Myself, Jane Hoogestraat, and Karen Craigo comparing poems and giving good advice in preparation for a Poets of Faith special issue for Rattle. I show this, not because I love having my photograph taken (most definitely not!), but to show the scut work of poetry and how even poets with many, many published poems like Craigo or with a book coming out soon  like Hoogestraat still do the daily work of poetry, which means lots of revision and finding ways post-grad to gain the perspective that trading poems and talking about them can give.

PAD Update

It’s day 8 of the Poem a Day Challenge and I’m still on track. I must say though, that today’s poem wrung me out a bit. The prompt was to write a violent poem and to write a peaceful poem; it turned out to be […]

National Poetry Month

Once again, it’s April, National Poetry Month, and I’m beginning the Poem-a-Day Challenge. Some years are more successful than others for me, and I do this best when I know others are doing it or if I have some interior goal. For example, last year’s […]