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Tech literacy and the decisions made when setting up a blog

At this point, blogs are the old technology of the social software world. Along with wikis, blogs were around before any of it was even called social software. I created my first blog using Blogger over fifteen years ago, so the chances of blogs being […]

Using a storyboard for analysis

As part of the “Concept in 90” project goals I set for myself, I wanted to do a sample storyboard. Rather than a planning device that acts like an outline, this storyboard would be at the end or near the end so that students could […]

Concept in 90: Log 4

When it comes to new media, things always take longer than I think they will and today’s tasks were no exception. On the other hand, time goes by quickly when doing this kind of work, and what is actually a couple of hours feels like a half hour or so.

day 4 screenshot

This morning I added the voiceover of the single-paragraph essay. Anything that short has to use what words it has in powerful ways; there is no room for filler. The one-minute version I wrote yesterday was too short to mesh well with the images, so I was in the good position of being able to add a couple of sentences in the middle. I did, and made sure one of them had the word “fragile” so that the bird images resonated more strongly.

The recording only took two tries. Then it was a matter of lining up the voiceover so that it hit the first three photos correctly. That took a little time and tweaking. I had hopes that if the beginning sequenced well, the rest would follow the law of serendipity and match up automatically. Some did, but I had to shift some of the cutaways to fit the dialogue, most notably moving the care center room photo to fit the right spot in the voiceover.

Unlike poetry, the essay calls for far more point by point connections between images and text. That is not to say that the author should go straight to visual cliches, but emphasis by layering image and sound is effective.

Here is the version I turned in:

Concept in 90: Log 3

Another day, another 90-second video. This time, I want to do the same subject as the poem video, only convert it to an essay. How exactly does that work? Well. my plan was to begin by taking the iMovie project for the poem and duplicating […]

Concept in 90: Log 2

As you can tell from the screenshot, much got done today. Much had to get done though because I had an idea that doubled my work: I am making two versions. The one I am working on now will be the poem and will be […]

Sun and shade

20140426_153647_815It’s good to see the sun and the leaves filling in the empty spaces. Two more poems to go in the challenge. The poems so far are clustering into a viable book manuscript, something I did not dare hope for when I began this project. I wonder sometimes if all the photos and video clips help too. This blog is working admirably from my viewpoint as a shoebox, a place where I save ideas and images for when I need them later. I wonder though, if this is too centered on my need to save snippets and not directed out to an audience enough. I can’t put the poems up because that would make them unpublishable for many outlets. I can’t put the articles or webtexts here for the same reason. But I can do the scutwork here, the thinking, reasoning, and synthesis that leads to those more polished works, and I know that If I don’t, many of them would slip away wherever faded memory goes.


Not much else happened today, but I did write. it’s day 23 of the PAD Challenge and I have more than 23 poems, most of which are done or revisable into usefulness. Today’s poem in particular was one I’d needed to write for several years, since […]

Public moments, private images

Today I need to get some things done and I will soon see how well the Evernote glassware works for checking off items on a list. Here is probably the only car photo you’ll see from me unless I’m not driving. I wondered how I […]