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ENG 704: Getting started with Teaching Writing Online

An earlier version of this post was written for a ENG 725 on “Teaching Writing Online” I’m teaching a graduate seminar in rhetoric and composition this semester and next week is the first week, the week to get our collective feet wet, and while we’re splashing in that virtual […]


Taking care of business in my campus office today,

Writing in the Mac Media Lab

We have one Mac Lab for classroom use, and luckily, it is in my building although Media, Film, and Journalism gets priority. I should request it more often.


Office hours

Yes! Students do come to office hours.

Are they changing or is it me?

This has been a long day with many “welcome to the class” emails sent to new enrollees for my online class. I guess that means my welcome email works–I want students who think the class will be self-paced with no due dates or the ones […]

Entering the new semester

Walking into Siceluff on my way to teach the first class of the fall semester after a semester off for sabbatical. Here we go! The photo was taken while walking using Glass.


That was then, this is now

This is my old office in the guest room, which was dark during the day. Photo taken with my Sony Cybershot.   This is my new office in the former TV room/den. I have more light here, even at night. Photo taken with Photo Booth.

Videos featured at Potomac Review

The Potomac Review (link is to their page at Montgomery College) is a literary journal that although it is a print-journal, sees the advantages of keeping a blog in addition to its informational site. Also called The Potomac Review, the blog is far more full-featured than the community college-sponsored site, […]