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TV, iPad, soccer, cats–it must be Caturday!

World Cup Summer

Stella is my World Cup viewing cat.

World Cup

There have been some great moments in World Cup viewing so far. First, Robin van Persie’s amazing header in the Spain vs Netherlands game. It was just like flight, so graceful. Then there was the abominable Italy vs England game today. The winner was Italy, but the true winner was the Amazon and its 74% plus humidity in 81 degree weather. It was like the players were swimming in thick air, which in a way, they were. Apparently there actually is a humidity to temperature ratio cut-off where the game would have been cancelled and they missed it by a degree or two.



The Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur, not the San Antonio Spurs) won today against Fulham in a 6:45 AM game, a good start for Caturday.


One thing I have to get used to is Glass’s “wink” function. It’s calibrated on setup, but try as I might, about half the time when I want it to work it doesn’t, and sometimes when I’m minding my own business, it takes an unexpected […]

Not pink–coral

Who know that having Glass would turn into regular walking/exercise. Not me. At least, I won’t know until the 21 day habit marker is reached.




Here are my new walking shoes. They are Asics, and they have gel in the soles. They came in mint, coral, and lavender. This is not pink; it is the new orange. This is not a whim; my old shoes had hired insides and Glass is using Lynxfit to pressure me into getting more active.

Saturday, Caturday

Saturday from two viewpoints: Google Glass and Sophie. Yes, that’s soccer in the background.

Before the game

Before the game against Indiana State. Let’s hope this girl gets tall.