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Spring transitions quickly to summer here, but at least the leaves are still spring green.


On a day like today, you can practically hear the leaves unfold.

Storm (AKA Spring) season begins

From Sunday: This is what  a fast-moving thunderstorm looks like when it is about to hit. This storm generated tornados to the west  (north of Joplin) and to the south (Northern Arkansas), but not here this time.

Storm headache

Today’s series of storms meant a storm headache for me, not all day, but as a sort of warning system before each line of storms moved through. Nothing big happened, at least not yet, but the heaviness and the headaches severely cut back on my […]

Full Bloom on Caturday

The azalea is finally in full bloom, and it is another sunny Saturday, after morning showers. This may be a trick photo. Can you see the marmalade cat in the photo? Check for the tail.  

Afternoon rain