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At work, the outside world moves on

This is what work looks like on sabbatical in my home office/guest room. Note the strange faces that I fear we all make when we are concentrating. Unfortunately, unless the day is very sunny, this photo shows what the lighting is like too. Outside, The azalea […]


The azalea is getting closer.

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2014-04-13 07.06.29

Redbud in full bloom

It is going to storm today for sure, so here I am at 8:00 AM or so, getting this done before the storm blows the blossoms to the ground.

Returning growth

Seen here, a cluster of violets that a past owner let stay between the hostas and the lamb’s tail.



2014-04-09 redbudskySame day and time (early morning), but different angles. the second photo also uses the grain filter so that the blossoms show up pink, like they do in person. Without it, the photo is all shape and little color, which I suppose is all right too.

Transitional spring

The frost this morning was heavy enough to give crisp edges to the clover and grass.

Pantone check

  Target has begun its annual pastel riot. Check the tie dye and blue suede cake mixes. Spring is definitely here.