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Late Fall

How much longer will this summer last? It’s October, and the green lingers.

American Gothic 3

This series, as you may have guessed, is in celebration of that subset of America that saved everything and always has the tool for the job.

American Gothic 2

Pulled back, more perspective.

2010-09-15 09.42.02

Late summer blooms

One thing Project 365 does is ensure that at least one of the internal snapshots I take that may turn into poetry or other writing turns into an actual photo, ready to be used. To give scale, these plants are about seven feet tall, tall […]

Indian summer

Another glorious noontime at Missouri State, walking to Siceluff Hall–still hot, but beautiful.20140825_121557_003-EFFECTS


Low-light video

I would not have tried this purposely, but it looks like Glass handles low-light fairly well. At the multiple birthdays party:

School starts and summer heats up

Google added some Auto-Awesome filtering to this photo and I think it captures the 100 degree-plus heat we have this week.