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Post-Glass post

Post-Glass post

[Photo taken while walking in the Missouri State campus wearing Glass] Sometimes I get a great idea and don’t have time to write about it at that moment. This is one of those times. It’s probably no secret that I was part of the Google […]

Wants Glass, Please.

This Missouri State student would love to have Google Glass. He doesn’t know all it can do, but he’s ready to have hands-free photos, video, texting, and email. That seems to be the big draw for most people who see me wearing it–the convenience.

Day 2 (day 1 for me) at DMAC

This week and next I am blogging from Ohio State University and the Digital Media and Composition Institute. The photo below was taken by one of the participants who tried on my Google Glass for the first time. She scrolled thrown the cards, saw the “take a picture” option, tapped, and exclaimed “It did it!” Not bad for two seconds into wearing Glass.


DMAC bound

Thanks to the generosity of my university, I was able to borrow this sweet Macbook Pro to use at DMAC (The Digital Media and Composition Institute at Ohio State University). It’s taking a while to download all those Project 365 photos and video clips, but it’s […]

We return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow

Sony agreed with me that the Cybershot was under warrantee and the problem was not my fault. I’m noting this because when does that ever happen? Well, it did. I will pick up my camera from the good people at Lawrence Camera tomorrow. Not to […]


One thing I have to get used to is Glass’s “wink” function. It’s calibrated on setup, but try as I might, about half the time when I want it to work it doesn’t, and sometimes when I’m minding my own business, it takes an unexpected photo. Here is one of them. Yes, watching soccer and checking something on my phone is involved.


Future tech now, part 1: “Where we’re going, we don’t need no road.”

Most people will recognize that quote from the end of Back to the Future. I may not get my flying car, but I am getting Google Glass. Even though I need my copies of Remediation and Lingua Fracta, I also need to be home for a package I’m […]

Steampunk in the movies

I am hunkering down and dividing my time between writing and reading for a steampunk article I’m working on. My big question today is, what are the most beloved steampunk movies or television shows and why are they so beloved? I have some ideas and […]