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Pick me!

i just signed up to be an Explorer for Google Glass, me and a gazillion other people. The form had a drop-down menu of choices for the reason why I wanted Google Glass, but hey! I’m a writer, so I want another chance with more […]

Academics need bandwidth too

Geoffrey Sauer on Eserver writes an excellent post, Net Neutrality and the Digital Humanities, that details why the recent decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to prevent the FCC from enforcing “net neutality” policies is a threat to more than […]

My Take on iPhone 5 Rumors

Everyone knows how much I love my iPhone 4. However, I’m not sure I care about the newest iPhone 5 rumors. They seem a bit underwhelming and focus on size. At Gizmodo, they speculate that the phone will be flatter, wider, and now, significantly smaller,

Using this graphic (my thanks to Gizmodo, a blog I read religiously, who appears to have found the image through MacRumors, another blog I enjoy). This is interesting, but I wonder if the inspiration for a significantly smaller iPhone really comes from this:

Once again, Zoolander shows its predictive force. Photo found through a Flickr Creative Commons search and is from niallkennedy.