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On campus, 6:45 AM

On campus much too early for the United Way Leadership Breakfast, I see that a KY3 news van is also on the job early.

Glass errors: hand in shot

Some errors are typical of Google Glass photos, the most prevalent being the hand or hair inadvertently creeping into the shot.

Chair spin

Ten-second view of my office using Glass.

Public space


Wants Glass, Please.

This Missouri State student would love to have Google Glass. He doesn’t know all it can do, but he’s ready to have hands-free photos, video, texting, and email. That seems to be the big draw for most people who see me wearing it–the convenience.

Writing in the Mac Media Lab

We have one Mac Lab for classroom use, and luckily, it is in my building although Media, Film, and Journalism gets priority. I should request it more often.