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After four-plus years outside, the ceramic sculpture disintegrated enough to split. I still like how it looks and will keep it there.

Close up ridges

How does a person grow into being a writer? A lot of unstructured time may be part of it, and that means allowing for enough time for boredom. I remember being quite happy as a child really examining details in nature. Rough bark much like […]

Clouds at night

Filtered clouds at night.

2014-08-01 finegrain

Supermoon, day 2

There was too much cloud cover tonight to see the moon, and frankly, there are so many trees that the sky has a lot of competition. Here is the last tinge of day, photo taken pre-clouds.

2014-07-12 09.16.24

On campus

I am trying out being on campus a bit more this summer since it is fairly peaceful and I am trying to transition back to normal faculty status. This is me walking to Siceluff, taken through Glass, which is doing a better job automatically uploading […]

The greenest green

Granted, there was a little Photoshop involved here, but the colors are so intense this year due to all the extra rain that I think cameras get too smart for their own good at times and damp down actual colors. The swirling motion at the […]