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Five minutes of light

This could be Seattle, only without the ocean, coffee, or hipsters.

Filtered light

The leaves are so heavy on the trees that for part of the day the light that comes in the front window is filtered green. The colors in the photo are actual, not manipulated. Everything in the room for a few hours had a greenish […]

Heavy with leaves

2014-05-28 18.16.48 2014-05-28 18.17.17


On a day like today, you can practically hear the leaves unfold.

Sun and shade

It’s good to see the sun and the leaves filling in the empty spaces. Two more poems to go in the challenge. The poems so far are clustering into a viable book manuscript, something I did not dare hope for when I began this project. […]

At work, the outside world moves on

2014-04-16 06.13.53

This is what work looks like on sabbatical in my home office/guest room. Note the strange faces that I fear we all make when we are concentrating. Unfortunately, unless the day is very sunny, this photo shows what the lighting is like too. Outside,

2014-04-18 15.42.33

The azalea is even closer to blooming and the trees show

2014-04-18 treesky

2014-04-18 newleaves

that winter hasn’t killed them after all. The redbud in the backyard is at its height, and the top of the one in my neighbor’s yard tips the fence.

2014-04-18 redbud



Private winter

Winter in the back yard.

The talking tree

A tree lifts its branches and whistles for spring, its bark pursed open in  memory of a large tree limb past.