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Storm headache

Today’s series of storms meant a storm headache for me, not all day, but as a sort of warning system before each line of storms moved through. Nothing big happened, at least not yet, but the heaviness and the headaches severely cut back on my […]

Sophie again

Sophie has some unlikely hangouts, unlikely that is, if you don’t have the full story. She hangs out here because the skylight lets her watch birds in flight. My world got a little smaller Sunday at 11:30 AM when I fully realized that at that […]

Faux spring

My home office wasn’t cold yesterday, but today it is. I have a space heater, but it flips the circuit breaker too often, so sweaters work better. That means it’s time to put on another layer and write. Oh Missouri weather! This three day cycle between spring warming and snow has got to stop.2014-02-24 12.51.22The snowflake shadow is from a stained glass piece hanging in the window. It casts rainbows, which did not show here. They do show up when the photo is clicked to show full size.

2014-02-24 12.51.30Stella notices that my book stacks have moved to the floor. This project is taking time, but not misspent time.

Enough of a good thing

I could have stayed in Ohio for this. This is southern Missouri and we are getting snow while there is still several inches of snow on the ground from the last time. It is coming down in big fluffy flakes like we live in a […]

Behind bars

I’ve had enough snow, enough looking through windowpanes and door frames. Polar vortex, begone.