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Before and after

Here is a photo from yesterday. I took it mainly for the reflection of the house, but did not use it because of the top of the ball being cut off. I am finding that my viewfinder is not completely WYSIWYG. My view in the […]

Birds wintering

Birds wintering

2014-01-31 09.53.08 2014-01-31 09.53.38 2014-01-31 13.01.44 2014-01-31 13.05.15 2014-01-31 13.05.29 2014-01-31 13.07.01

Sunset 01/11/14

2014-01-11 moon 2014-01-11 sunset

A good day for working inside

This is a good day to work inside, given the temperature. It is still dropping. It is also mostly sunny, which is clearly the silver lining for a day when no one should go out. Two more degrees though, and I’m taking my bubble wand out […]

Missouri Snow

Okay, I know the rest of the country has serious snow and ice age temperatures, but know this–Missouri is not to be discounted when it comes to weather. Not only are we just as scenic, we up the danger odds by not plowing or treating […]