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Smoke-free campus?

And there he sits, smoking on the smoke-free campus, right where I have to walk by and hold my breath so that the smoke doesn’t trigger an asthma attack. Oh, well. That’s what inhalers are for! I can always add two more blocks to the […]

Indian summer

Another glorious noontime at Missouri State, walking to Siceluff Hall–still hot, but beautiful.  

The view from here

The doctor is in.

Entering the new semester

Walking into Siceluff on my way to teach the first class of the fall semester after a semester off for sabbatical. Here we go! The photo was taken while walking using Glass.

The calm

This is the last time it will look so peaceful for a long, long time. Classes begin tomorrow.

Let the meetings begin

It doesn’t look like it, but the theater actually was very full, just not up front. I was thrilled we met in Coger Theater. In past years the College of Arts and Letters had their meeting in a large lecture room in another building, which meant there really wasn’t enough seating for everyone. This is much better. Speaking in the photo, University President Clif Smart.



Semester prep

This was a perfect day to hang clothes on the line–clear, hot, with a slight breeze.

That was then, this is now

This is my old office in the guest room, which was dark during the day. Photo taken with my Sony Cybershot.   This is my new office in the former TV room/den. I have more light here, even at night. Photo taken with Photo Booth.