Fall semester 2014, I have an online ENG 210, Writing II: Writing Across the Disciplines along with ENG 310: Writing II for Graduate and Professional Schools on MWF at 1:25. Also, on Thursday evening at 5:30 I teach ENG 520/629, Composition and Rhetoric in High School and Junior College.

Materials and online activities for my courses are on my Moodle site, The Hub, and I always send an email at least a week before class to enrollees with information about the course in general and instructions on how to enroll for the site. That way they can read the syllabus and familiarize themselves with the site before class starts. Moodle is an open source content management system that many educators prefer to proprietary systems such as Blackboard. If you are a writing teacher and want to see my Moodle site, please contact me.