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Summer semester 2019 I teach ENG 210: Writing II online It is themed pop culture.

Fall 2019. ENG 203 is themed contemporary trends. ENG 210 is themed pop culture.

40355 ENG 203-003 Creative Writing: Poetry MW 11:00 AM
42310 ENG 210-001 Writing II:Wrtng Across Discip MWF 09:05 AM
46776 ENG 201-001 Public Issus in Populr Culture MW 02:00 PM

I use Blackboard through my university’s site. Materials and online activities for my courses will be there, and I always send an email the week before class to enrollees with information about the course in general and an invitation to view the site. That way they can read the syllabus and familiarize themselves with the site before class starts.

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