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This page currently holds an older pedagogical project of mine stemming from my DMAC attendance several years ago. I am currently working on another project that is more of a research study that officially begins Summer 2018 when my Summer Faculty Research Grant begins. Confidentiality is a factor there, so i may not ever be able to give this kind of behind-the-scenes view. However, I am working on it and will share what I can once it is published.

The “Concept in 90” project below is actually three projects– two for a poetry workshop class and one for composition or creative nonfiction classes. Take a look at the one that interests you most by clicking the appropriate image. Once in, you will see a series of posts that show the process I went through producing the video. Very important: to read the process from the beginning, you must scroll to the bottom and read the posts from the earliest date to the latest date. This is one time the blog standard of newest-on-top works against logic–sorry. Scroll down and work your way up.

Click the photo below to enter the essay project and see the process behind the video.c90essay Here is the finished essay video.

The poem video also has a Comic Life storyboard that I used to analyze the project after it was done. Click the photo below to enter and see the process behind this video.

Here is the finished poem video.

Click the image below to read the process log for the text-intensive poem. This video skips voiceover and keeps the text on-screen.


Update: this poem was accepted in its print version by NEAT: Midwestern Lit Served Neat and Down-to-Earth for Volume 3 no. 7 (Winter 2015). Its download page gives pdf, mobi, and epub versions of the journal. The second, more text-intensive poem video that is described in the above process post was taken down to given them priority.



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