Who doesn’t love a Two-Fer?

Get two, two, two speakers in one! I am available for workshops in “How to Publish as a Grad Student,” with one workshop focusing on scholarship and the other focusing on creative writing publication. I have decades of experience in both areas as a researcher, writer, and editor.

The other workshop area is OWI, with “What to Do When You’re Suddenly Teaching Writing Online,” geared towards graduate students, adjuncts, or dual credit teachers who suddenly find, maybe even a web or two before classes start, that they will be tearing writing online for the first time. Based on my graduate class in teaching writing online, It selects the high points from that class. Those interested in the full version are encouraged to follow up the workshop with the course, which is offered online by Missouri State University spring semester in odd-numbered years.

More about these workshops and others soon. This site is under development Fall 2019, so check back frequently for new materials.

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